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Netapp : Online Backup and Recovery

[cmds] vol options [vol_name] nosnapdir nosnap convert_ucode create_ucode snap sched [vol_name] 0 2 6 @8,12,16,20 create [vol_name] [snap_name] list [vol_name] -q reserve [vol_name] % delta [vol_name] [s1] [s2] autodelete [vol_name] on option commitment try disrupt trigger volume snap_restore space_restore target_free_space % delete_order newest_first oldest_first defer_delete user_created prefix prefix [proef] show reset restore -t [vol|file] snapmirror […]

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Netapp – Storage managment

[CMD] aggr status – informacje o dyskach -r wszystkie -s spares -m mainanance -f broken create [aggr_name] create [vol_name] – dla tradycyjnych volumenów add offline online restrict – ‘zamrożenie’ options raidtype raidsize show_space destroy undestroy rename disk upgrade_ownership – zmiana na sotware-base ovnership ( z maint mode) remove_ownership all – zmiana na hardware-base (wcześniej może […]

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